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David Lussakian
David Lussakian Special(Click to request)
01.David Lussakian / Yar Arev Gouzem - David Lussakian
02.Yar Arev Gouzem - David Lussakian
03.Ari Modes Yar - David Lussakian
04.Shoud Ari - David Lussakian
05.Kena Merir - David Lussakian
06.Vay Lele - David Lussakian
07.Dour Tserket - David Lussakian
08.Siroumem Kez - David Lussakian
09.Verchin Djamportoutioun - David Lussakian
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01.TAQ E-TAQ E - Armenchik
02.Yerchangoutian Artsounknere - Antoine Bezdjian
03.Silva Veratartzir - Manuel Menenkichian
04.David Lussakian / Yar Arev Gouzem - David Lussakian
05.Hishadag - Paul Baghdadlian
06.Yar Arev Gouzem - David Lussakian
07.Ari Modes Yar - David Lussakian
08.Ser Khosdatsar - Karnig Sarkissian
09.Ax Inchu - Arman Mardigian
10.Ambitz Gorav - Adiss Harmandian
11.Te Vor Imanas - Antoine Bezdjian
12.Dzap Dzap - Harout Bedrossian
13.Je n'ai pas Change - Antoine Bezdjian
14.kez pari louys remix - Paul Baghdadlian
15.Harsntsou mix - Paul Baghdadlian
16.Vai Vai - Arman Mardigian
17.Armenian Hoghe - Karnig Sarkissian
18.Anapate Arev - Tata Simonyan
19.Crazy For You - Arman Mardigian
20.Surpi Nman - Arman Mardigian
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SHIRAZ Ko Sere Meghavor New Single 2015
Antoine Bezdjian Valentines Day 2015
Harout Balyan Live In Concert March 22nd 2015, Dolby Theater
David Lussakian - Siroumem Kez [Official Music Video 2014]
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Sam Alajajian - Yerkem Kez
  Sam Alajajian will be releasing his 6th album, Yerkem Kez. Sam's upcoming album is a compilation of different writers and maestros. Writers such as Mgo Panossian "Gailag", Lucine Grigoryan, Vicken Dishchekenian, Siro Ashkhar, and music composed by Sarmen Bedrosian, Tigran Zamkochyan, Shand Dishchekenian. Stay tuned and make sure to check out the Juke Box for his latest album.
by Jack Kojek on Thu 29th Jan, 2015
Shiraz New Single - Ko Sere Meghavor
  Shiraz has powerful voice and different taste as always he takes his time and choose the best lyrics and music and provide us with his voice, we will like to congratulate on this song and coming new ones.......
by Jack Kojek on Sat 24th Jan, 2015
Martou Gerbarankov Aghvesner
  Martou Gerbarankov Aghvesner yerp esenk inch g hasgenank, vesdah polornis esaz yenk ays pare vorosh pani m hamar, yegour bah m ays vargyanis achkeret kotse yev medaze antzme gernas esel, ays antze isgabes Martou Gerbarankov Aghves E.............
by Jack Kojek on Sun 18th Jan, 2015
Antoine Bezdjian - Te Vor Imanas
  Please Share this awesome music video with your love ones!!!! Lyrics By Mgo Panossian "Gailag" Arrangement By Khatchig Makhassian Vocal Antoine Bezdjian posted it By Jack Kojek Te vor imanas yev hasganas to intz mi or..........
by Jack Kojek on Sun 18th Jan, 2015
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